We R Accessible

Hello, my name is Angela and I work for the largest hotel organization in the world and travel, hospitality, and above all accessibility are extremely important to me.

I had a mother who was labeled in society as “disabled.” She has since passed away. I have a sister who is a person with disabilities. She moves courageously through her life, leaving tidbits of wisdom for anyone who tries to define her as “disabled.” She is  differently abled, full of insight and more passion for living that equates to a powerful narrative for her life.

I want this to be a site where ideas can be sparked into actionable steps to improve the accessible travel spectrum for persons with disabilities.  I have seen the tremendous works on other websites by passionate individuals who live in the world I want to help make inclusive for all.  Their stories are amazing, their passion drives them to break down barriers and limits in the mind and in the natural.

I just want to add my site to the long list of mighty advocates who drive the stories that make change for greater accessibility.

My Best,