ME Ability!



Sherri and friends now
(from L-R) Evonn, me, and Stephanie.  Photo: Stephanie Berry

One day I looked around and realized I was no longer the carefree, vibrant person I used to be. I was not stronger in limbs, not adept at maneuvering a grocery cart, or even great at walking onto a curb, BUT, I was good at being the best ME I could be!  I remember telling you all how I changed overnight from a young healthy teenager to a person with a disability.  Yes, it made me view life differently but not in a way that discouraged me or made me scream and yell at my God. My journey made me, Sherri Lynne, a country woman who faced death more times that I would have liked, more humble, more understanding.


You see, growing up, I was touched by the wholesomeness of our country living. The cornfields were my playgrounds and the pine-scented woods my refuge. I have even tasted the rich dirt of my heritage for nourishment and proudly laid claim to it.

I recalled that throughout my evolution to Sherri, so many people surrounded me and propelled me each day to face my opportunities, to offer me… a grandchild of Prezzie Adam Green, the same love they give to their own. My wonderful pastor and his wife, Rev Theron, and Janice, they are family but they nurture my soul as well. My cousin Malinda who feeds me the most delicious, scrumptious, lick every morsel bite of food, and my cousin Booker Tee who is the “man” around the house now that my dear Uncle Ivory is ill, and my goddaughter Arnell, they contribute to my ME Ability.  We all have these types of champions in our lives, let them know!  Hi Melvin, Marsheila, Tyrone, Mrs. Gore, Melanie, Basheila, Betty, Stephanie (My Moo-Cow) and Evonn!! So much more to add to this list, including my wonderful followers.

Yes, life is too short, taken away in seconds, yet the after-effects are felt by the living until they are no more.  I am thinking of my sweet cousin Annette Green, whom we recently lost, and I see her laughing with me in church a few Sundays ago, now our sanctuary is little less without her. Every person we lose takes something with them that we love to cling to, however, their loss helps create our ME Ability.

Today is the three year anniversary of my mama’s passing. It’s nearly Christmas. Yes, it’s hard sometimes but my family and I we just think of all the funny and endearing acts of love mama did for us, and we endure through tears, breaths held in sharp memory, and thank God for the amazing ability to see our past in our minds. That is where she and all our loved ones live now. We have the capacity to hold far more, our horizons can be limitless if we slow down and embrace our life-gifts. Husbands, wives, children, friends, pets, passions, mostly anything that conjures a warmness to your hearts. Live for that!

With closed eyes in my living room that holds echoes of mama’s voice, my daddy’s laughter, and my brother’s heart I accept what God allows to remain and that is my beautiful crazy batch of sisters, brother, brother-in-laws, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, and my godchildren.  My ME Ability team, they give me the ability to push, to pray, to love, to survive and to dare hope that one day I can give them back every ounce of passion they pour into me.

Please share your heart with those who build your ME Ability, tell them why and spread this love-wisdom everywhere. It only takes a little to do the incredible.

My love and Merry Christmas,

Sherri Lynne from Sandridge Road

7 thoughts on “ME Ability!

  1. Well now,
    Hi Nebbilyn you know I loved you the very moment we met in 1973 I remember it like it was yesterday our mothers got together and planned a play date for us you lived in a yellow home trimmed in white with a field of plenty beside the house we use to sit out there eating water melon and push up ice cream pops it was such a joyful time in our lives when people were all good my fist look at you wearing your little white dress Angipang had on a white top and dark pants and meekibake had on a yellow dress hiding from us being shy Tony had on navy pants with a navy shirt that had white,yellow,and red stripes on it I remember winkie having on khaki pants no memory on his shirt and when your dad came home he had on green khaki pants with a lighter green shirt omg it same like yesterday me and my family loved your family and that’s my ME Ability.
    Thank You. Mr Osmand and Mrs Queenie for the Blessing of your children ..Love Shela 💞

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    1. Your memories of our past are simply incredible! You were always and will remain my true friend. I love you as my sister and know that you have helped shape my ME Ability…from Sandridge Road to forever! Love you much!


  2. Sherri is our family shero. She is always positive and sees the good in all she encounters. When we misbehave, she’s there to kindly and firmly rebuke foolishness. We are only here for a little while so we should love one another and care for each other. This is what she does everyday. Thank you Sister for showing us love. Blessings to you always. Marcia

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  3. Hi Sherri. I read your story almost four years ago. Why it popped up today…..I don’t know. I read it an I love it still. It speaks to my heart. Thank you for living your life on your terms. I love you an I always will. A inspiration walking among us. Sybil


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