I’m Back! Sherri Lynne from Sandridge Road

Hey family, I know it’s been awhile but I am back and ready to share some new experiences with you.

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Photo : Arnell Bellamy

Hope everyone had been well and enjoying the warm weather, summer is finally here!

For others like me surviving through the summer with lupus is a delicate dance. Staying inside and protecting your skin is very important and while this happily is not a 24/7 requirement, it does limit my outside activities.  One of the things my doctors has stressed is that too much sun can cause a flare up of lupus, which leads to damage in the internal organs. So, with that said you will not see me sunbathing in a bikini on Atlantic, Cherry Grove, or Myrtle Beach!

Living near the beach has its pros and cons but definitely if you know where Sandridge Road in North Myrtle Beach, SC is you’ll know we’ve had great times so far with Bike Week during and before Memorial Day weekend, the annual Irish festival in Ocean Drive, the Blue Crab festival in Little River, and everyday dining on the beach. I mean, if you want to stay slim, you may want to rethink retiring here. After all, any restaurant with the word buffet in it is NOT looking out for your waistline.

But, if you ever find yourself near my way, look me up and I’ll treat you to a delicious southern supper like your mama would make.  Some would think my disability limits me in the kitchen if they look at my hands, or see the way I walk but I say, I ain’t got time for that!  I was raised eating good food that was made with love and that’s how I still do it, ain’t nothing changed, just a different day.  And even though my kitchen is not ADA compliant, I make it work through sheer perseverance and prayer.

I can make you stewed turkey wings, and like my girlfriend Sheila says, “have the seasonings all up in there”, and fresh green beans with rice with the turkey juice flavoring it. That’s just one of my signature dishes. I’m southern and I’ve plenty of old recipes to share, like tea biscuits, chicken bog (our version of a jambalaya), banana pudding, and of course a southern cook has to offer up some golden fried chicken to their guests. Plus, my family looks out for me, some days I can be sitting here chilling with no clue what I feel like eating and suddenly I’m blessed with a meal that will make your mouth do a dance.  My Cousin Malinda’s incredible smothered pork chops, or Mrs Gore’s hot buttery biscuits, and Cousin Janice stopping by to drop off fresh mustard or collard greens are some of my surprise delights.

I do realize they are many gadgets and aids designed to help me live an easier accessible life in my home, it’s just that when Mama and I began our new lives as PWD’s,  we did not have all the information or access to it as we do now. We just circumvented our circumstances and created our own living space to meet our needs. We still had to eat, make our beds, clean the house, etc.

20450 broom
Photos: Arnell Bellamy

Now, when I surf the web I find so many things that make life for a PWD smoother.  For instance, Disabled World showcases some great kitchen aids.  And I found a GE ADA Compliant Appliances site that has me dreaming of a new kitchen, although I know I have made mine work for me for over thirty years now. There is too much love in my Sandridge Road home to change now, but it makes me glad that the world is ready and instilling change for persons like me across many environments.

Check out the sites please and share with others or let me know of some you may have discovered, and I’ll see you on my next blog when we chat. Oh, and drop me a line in the comments at www.weraccessible.com and I’ll respond back.

Looking forward to sharing and hearing from you all!


Sherri Lynne

6 thoughts on “I’m Back! Sherri Lynne from Sandridge Road

  1. Sherrie is so loveable, it’s hard not to love this beautiful woman!
    Wish I had more time to do more things with her. She is a very independent caring person!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are so strong Sherri Lynne n you have a heart of pure gold. Melvin my brother always talking to me about how proud he is for you. Keep God in your life and it will be just fine. Maybe one day I will get Melvin to bring me by to see you, it been a while. Take care n keep striving you got this.

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