Who I Am…

Sybil and Mama, 1983
My sister Sybil and our Mom, 1983. Photo: Sybil Bacone

Growing up I was the child of two loving parents, then when I was eighteen that changed to one, but I knew even then that love still rained on me from the soul who nurtured from above.

Then, in the midst of this identity change to one parent, I became the daughter of a person with a disability.

I saw life differently; I saw the struggle of my mother to transform into an individual whose heart still craved the other side of her life. I saw her salty tears; felt them deep into my own soul… so much that I became intertwined, combined, melted as liquid ore with her feelings, thoughts and angst of her new uniqueness. I learned from her realization of her new role that life will always be mercurial, changing as fleetingly as an errant ocean wind.

“Be careful Angela, she would caution me as I embraced life’s challenges, “Stay with God child, and He will see you through.”

Those words, fed to me so many years ago, still resonates in conversations with my cadre of strong sisters and brother, fulfilling and fueling her future legacies even now. After her death, her granddaughters gave her three beautiful grandsons. We call them “Mrs Queenie’s Boys”

Being different was never in her vocabulary, without being publicly voiced she painted a new canvas featuring life’s landscapes for us to interpret. These intangibles, that defied the limitations society freely gave to the many wonderful individuals God made as differently and wonderfully abled, created a fierce pride within us for our Mama.

We salute her life, and her will to be the beautiful person God fashioned.

In life, she was always our hero, in death she is that still.

My sister Michelle and Mama in 2013, a year before Mama’s passing. Photo: Michelle Westbrooks

Lovingly dedicated to Mrs. Queen Ethel Bellamy and the battle she bravely fought with Dementia and stroke paralysis.

2 thoughts on “Who I Am…

  1. Wow! What a true inspiration and tribute to someone you deeply loved. A mothers’s love transcends any boundary that others place on those who have different struggles and challenges.


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